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an engineer, sometimes writes


Beberapa perusahaan berbasis teknologi yang masih ditahap awal dan paham betul akan bisnis berkelanjutan akan berfikir bagaimana caranya bisnis mereka bisa menghasilkan uang terlebih dahulu ketimbang menunggu semua infrastuktur software siap dan mumpuni.

Biasanya salah satu kendala yang dihadapi adalah bagaimana mereka bisa menyimpan data dari landing page form. Ada beberapa database cloud yang bisa dipakai (AWS RDS, Cloud SQL) atau kalau mau disimpan secara on-premise bisa install sqlite atau postgres pada mesin kalian sendiri.

Penggunaan cloud database…

I’ll start writing articles related to software engineering (mostly data engineering) and other related stuff in Bahasa.

A holy mission looking for great big giant elephant

It’s different.

It’s difficult.

It takes time.

It’s like you are trying to attract The Elephant, but in the end all you got just A Deer, So you become A Deer Hunter rather than An Ivory Hunter. All you have is just a flesh not even a single tusk.

But that flesh make you survive to continue chasing The Elephant.

But once you get the ivory, it will be worth all your life. You can buy as many fresh meat as you want without even hunting a deer, at least for a year.

And you can prepare for another hunt…

cr: Sage Island

When something goes wrong with your website or application, it’s a common to display an error page. There are many different types of errors, but the most legendary one is 404: Not Found.

iOS 6 RIP by Marc Clancy

Unless you understand what these terms refer to.

Sometimes people don’t know what they are talking about. Especially early startup founders, they don’t really understand what the difference between UI Design and UX Design is, but they do understand and realize that it’s important.

People who work in digital tech industry often mention and discuss the great ‘UX’ of a product or the bad ‘UI’ of an app. But do they really know? Are these people just using a secret code to look smart?

UX Designer and UI Designer are two vastly different roles

UI/UX Designer is a mythical occupation in this world, what we are discussing in here are actually two different roles that distinct from each…

Angga Pradikta

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